Look at the Size of that Amberjack, that will wear you plumb out.  They Call them Reef Donkeys for a Reason, they are Hard Headed as all get out, and if you have Played with them before that You Know how hard they...

Been a Long Few Days of No OffShore Trips and I KNOW the Captains were Happy to be out there.  Most think like I do, or I think like them, either way ya put it, Land is Highly Overrated..


Nice Dolphin and...

Nice Job Will Puttin Autumn on that First Cobia, and Autumn Congrats on that First of many BROWN BOMBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until Next Time JAM out!!!!!!!!!!!!


So Many Fish I'll Let the Picture Do the Talking.  

But I will Talk about our Brand NEW Weigh Station.

 Bring'em on we can Handle up to One

Thousand Five Hundred Pounds


Sea Angel II with Captain Bruce Armstrong

Beautiful day on the water, the gaffers were biting, but the Bluefin just wouldn't cooperate! A big thanks to Glen, Chris, Chris and Aubrey. We were pumped to be able to see Glen catch his first dolphin. Hope to do it again some time, fellas!