Hatteras Fishing Report

Fishing News on Hatteras Island

Surrounded by water and in close proximity to the Gulf Stream, Hatteras Island emanates a life rich in fish culture. Some islanders fish for a living, some islanders fish for fun, some islanders sell fish in their restaurants and some islanders prepare bountiful fish-rich meals for their families. One thing is for sure, the various Hatteras Island fisheries have an impact on those who are blessed to call this place their home and we love sharing them with our friends and neighbors. While the docks are always abuzz with fishing action, sharing with you is exactly what we aim to do. Check out our fishing report below to stay tuned on what's being caught, what they're using to catch them and the fisheries that are ever-changing!

From Sea to Plate

One of the most exciting things about fishing is the catch itself. That glorifying moment when the hunt becomes luctrative and you're fighting nature's ancient battle of man vs. animal. One of the most of satisfying things about fishing is when your catch is sitting before you in the...

and we love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Sail Lots of GAFFERS....


Dennie Freun d of Glassbvoro Nj had a Sail aboard the Longer Days ...

Until Next Time JAM out!!!!!!

Gonna Make this a Picture Report cause it is Busy Busy Busy.  But you will get the Idea.  


Jeff Lovingsof Summerfield NC had a 5 Pound 9 pound  Popmano off of Ramp 55, after he shook My hand this morning...

Fishing with Captain Bruce on the Sea Angel II

Spring has been great aboard the Sea Angel II and this past weekend has been no different! The fish are around and we've had great luck with the tuna and dolphin, and the wahoo are starting to show up too! Each trip has been fun with a great new crew and we hope you've had as much fun as we have...

Everything has Shown-Up Picture Report.  


William Stakes of Wilson NC had a 48 Inch Drum aboard the Speck Tackler.  

John Demaio of Virginia Beach Va had a 11 pound 9 ounce Gray Tile.  


Great Fishing Yesterday...............  Dolphin BlackFins and Monster AJ's..  Oh  Yeah, did I tell You about the Cobia aboard the Runaway..   Drum of all sizes, Chopper Blues on the Inshore Trips. 

Beach, Sea Mullets, Big Blues,  and SPANISH just out of Range....   Come and get it....  ...

Bak Bar Lit them up the Past 2 days with a Total of 18 Drum Citations.  I got to tell you, I've been around the block a few times but WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  18 Citations in 2 days Congrats Guys Supa AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OffShore Dolphin YellowFin and BlackFins OffShore.   


YellowFins and BlackFins OffShore  Drum Bite is On InShore. .. 


Gracie Hearne of New Bern NC had a 45 Inch Drum aboard the Bak Bar.  

Mickey Hearne of New Bern NC...

And you know how I roll with so many Pictures.....   What more could I say!!!!!!

Except Come Gets Some!!!!!!!!


Brittany Futrell of Murfreesboro NC had a 54 Pound Black Drum..

Kenneth Milan of...